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    fluxo exhibition.

    1. What Is Fluxo Exhibition?

    Fluxo Exhibition is an online platform dedicated to emerging contemporary art artists. It is the perfect meeting place between new talents of the international art scene and simple enthusiasts: each user can attend the virtual exhibitions organized, follow and support his favorite artists, as well as stay updated on news from all over the world of art, design and architecture.

    2. Who is Fluxo Exhibition for?

    Fluxo's mission is to give all artists the opportunity to grow and make themselves known in their sector. A platform focused on contemporary art artists, but which opens its doors to Design, Architecture and lovers of the art world.

    3. Why should I choose Fluxo Exhibition?

    Choosing Fluxo means becoming part of a community of artists and enthusiasts of international level. If you are an artist, our team will give you all the support and tools you need to increase your visibility towards increasingly important stages. 

    4. I'm not an artist. What can I do on Fluxo Exhibition?

    If you are a simple enthusiast, Fluxo gives you the opportunity to access virtual exhibitions (visit the Exhibitions page) organized for artists, new collections and industry events. You can support your favorite artists through the profiles of each member and follow the blog with all the news from the world of art, design and architecture.

    5. What is the Exhibitions section?

    In the "Exhibitions" section you can access the exhibitions organized by Fluxo. Virtual exhibitions allow you to live a unique experience, in first person, from every digital device at your disposal. 

    6. How do I access virtual exhibitions?

    Each artist has digital exhibition spaces in which to express all their talent: enter the "Exhibitions" section, choose the exhibition you prefer and enjoy the experience. Wherever you are, just a click away.


    1. How can I join the fluxoworld?

    Send your application through the form on the  fluxoworld page, attaching a presentation file and your portfolio. Our team will assess your eligibility and, if the outcome is positive, will contact you within 15 days   for an artistic consultation: once approved, you will be part of the fluxoworld.

    2. Who can apply for registration in the fluxoworld?

    Fluxo Exhibition is aimed at independent artists who represent themselves in the field of contemporary art. The minimum age required to join the Fluxo network is 18 years.

    3. What are the selection criteria?

    Our team will evaluate your profile based on the most suitable criteria in the fluxoworld, experiences, portfolio, style, compositions, production and creation techniques, topics. Our "Terms and Conditions" are available here.

    4. What happens after the application?

    After the technical evaluations, the Fluxo team will contact the artists eligible for an artistic consultation, temporarily remotely (via Skype, Zoom or Google Meet), to plan the most suitable path for their growth based on the selected fluxoworld plan.

    5. My application was not successful. What's going on?

    If you have not obtained eligibility from the Fluxo's team, but are interested in resubmitting your application, you can submit it after 6 months from the date your application was unsuccessful. It is not possible to submit more than one application per artist within a period of 6 months.

    6. My application was successful. What's going on?

    Welcome to Fluxo Exhibition! If you have obtained eligibility from the Fluxo's team, you will receive an email with the next steps with which to plan your future.


    1. What are fluxoworld memberships plans?

    Choosing a Fluxo's plan means becoming part of a network of professional growth from all points of view. Each plan is differentiated to give each emerging artist the opportunity to obtain the tools and support necessary for this purpose.

    2. How much do fluxoworld plans cost?

    After the Basic plan (free), each plan has different costs based on the tools and services available to the artist. Visit the fluxoworld page to discover all the available plans.

    3. How long do the fluxoworld plans last?

    All plans are monthly, unless you choose half yearly or annual.

    4. Can I delete my subscription?

    Yes. If you come to the conclusion that Fluxo Exhibition is not the best platform for your growth, you can simply send an email to our team that will delete your account.

    5. Do you offer promotional packages?

    Yes, we offer a 25% discount on the half yearly plan and a 50% discount on the annual plan, if fully paid.

    6. Can I change my subscription plan?

    Certainly! You can choose a more or less advanced plan at any time.

    7. What is the Extra Plan?

    It is a personalized plan for those who want to start a full path to support our platform. If you choose the Extra Plan you will have at your disposal the Fluxo Exhibition tools and a team that will take care of your image online and offline, according to your needs.

    8. How to apply for the Extra Plan?

    Fill out the form on the fluxoworld page, describe in detail your needs and send us your message. A ticket will be opened and our team will contact you again.

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        Fluxo Exhibition is an online platform dedicated to contemporary art and design.