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    Galatina (Le), 1960.

    A multifaceted artist, he takes his first steps in the field of figurative painting which he then abandons in name of abstractionism. Subsequently he expands his experimentation through the use of heterogeneous materials thus giving life to works that lead from the material to the installation practice.

    His training began in the early 1980s, at various private institutes where he attends painting courses that later consolidated in the studio of the painter Leonzio Mangione, fundamental figure for his artistic and cultural formation.

    Years of intense work followed, paving the way for important collaborations: he worked as a set designer for the Italian-German production of the film “Solino”, between 1998 and 2000 he participated the realization of the "Artistika" contemporary art fairs "Since 2003", in Puglia.

    His incessant activity and continuous experimentation with means and materials see him engaged in the development of works that fit into the context of the informal and gestural art of early eighties and then towards sculpture and installation, up to to reach his most recent videoart experiments and to photograph, by which he is seduced and with which he keeps a constant and parallel experimental artistic relationship.


    Musarò‘s artistic commitment is based on key themes
    such as the social and anthropological ones, to which is added the artist’s need to investigate what could be defined as the psychological and human aspect of the characters he portrays
    and interprets all this always under the banner of research and continuous experimentation of the technique between analogue and digital.

    work experience:

    Roma, Tevere art gallery, “Tempo imperfetto” (2019)
    Roma, Tevere art gallery, “Il Mostro” (2019)
    Todi (PG), Todimmagina (2019)
    Roma, Tevere art gallery, “ Il cadavere squisito “ (2019)
    Bitonto , L’olio insegna (2019)
    Martina Franca (Ta),Trullo Nicolò “Relazioni” (2019)
    Lecce , Sagra Elettronica 27/07 (2019)
    Napoli , Artperformingfestival “ Native digital generation “ 20/07 (2019)
    Sammichele di Bari (Ba) , L’Olio insegna (2019)
    Galatina (Le), Artperformingfestival “ Salento native digital generation “ (2019)
    Castellaneta (Ta), L’Olio insegna (2019)
    Forte Marghera (Ve), Artperformingfestival “Art self energy” (2019)
    Matera, ARTOUR-O (2019)
    Bari, Bibart biennale internazionale d’arte di Bari e area metropolitana Video “Networking” (2018-2019)
    Eboli (SA), Cilento outlet village spazio Fornace Falcone “FREEDOM” (2018)
    Ekaterinburg (Russia), THEMO festival della luce video performance “Follia del corpo” (2018)
    Parigi – Francoforte – Miami, Salon Maison&Objet con Gard e co (2018)
    Sorrento, SyART 2 (2018)
    Napoli , Artperformingfestival 3 video performance “Il mio viaggio” (2018)
    Milano , Paratissima (2018)
    Galatina (Lecce), Artperformingfestival3 videoperformance “Il mio viaggio” (2018)
    Matino (Lecce), MACMA museo arte contemporanea Matino, videoperformance “Il mio viaggio” (2018)
    Martina Franca (Taranto) , Trullo Nicolò , Trullo 227_Inside out (2018)
    Galatina (Le), Palazzo Di Lorenzo con Art and Ars gallery, “Guardare oltre“ (2017)
    Milano, M4A MADE4ART gallery , PHOTOWEEK, PHOTOFESTIVAL , “FREEDOM” (2017)
    Parigi – Francoforte – Miami, Salon Maison&Objet con Gardeco (2017)
    Napoli, “ TOTO’ benvenuto il riso nutre il corpo e lo spirito” sedi varie (2017)
    Galatina (Le), ARTandARS gallery – A100 gallery , “La Festa” (2017)
    Firenze, ARTOUR-O (2017)
    Bologna, Paratissima (2017)
    Torino, Paratissima sezione no photo (2017)
    Parigi – Francoforte – Miami, Salon Maison&Objet con Gardeco (2017)
    Firenze – Barcellona, ARTOUR – O (2017)

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    Galatina (Le), Palazzo Di Lorenzo, Sottosopra (2014)
    Roma, Spazio MICRO , Melting Pot (2014)
    Firenze, Galleria Merlino bottega d’arte, “Passaggi Reale-Surreale” (2014)
    Videoinstallazione-Montecorvino Rovella (Sa), Fornace Falcone “Festa del Fuoco” (2014)
    Videoinstallazione Merida (Spagna), Artur-o il Must (2014)
    Videoinstallazione San Donato (Le), Spazio l’Edicola, “Tempo 19-24”(2014)
    Borgagne (Le), Borgo arte, Frantoio Ipogeo, “Essere comunità” (2014)
    Nardo’ (Le), Villa Tabor, Convegno Nazionale Arte Architettura Liturgia (2014)

    A che punto è la notte? Riflessione critica su arte e liturgia.

    Monteroni (Le), Pro Arte Pro Deo (2015)
    Galatina (Le), Palazzo Di Lorenzo, PRAESEPE (2015-2016)
    Firenze, ONART gallery, Evoluzione del ritratto (2015-2016)
    Matino (Le), MACMa Museo d’arte contemporanea Matino, PRIMa (2015-2016)
    Galatina (Le), Palazzo Di Lorenzo, Spacescape (2015-2016)
    Milano, “ TOTO’ benvenuto all’ EXPO il riso nutre il corpo e lo spirito” sedi varie (2015-2016)
    Firenze – Praga, ARTOUR – O (2015-2016)
    Barletta, Zerouno, Di Lì a Poco (2015-2016)
    Firenze, ONART gallery, Pausa Ritmo Azione (2015-2016)
    Arnesano (Le), Palazzo Marchesale, Il Mio Volto (2016)
    Santa Maria di Sala (Ve), villa Farsetti, T- shirt rossa (2016)
    Arnesano (Le), Palazzo Marchesale, PRAESEPE (2017)
    Galatina (Le), Palazzo Di Lorenzo, Omaggio a Totò (2017)
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    pantaleo. musarò. fluxoworld. gallery. virtual. fluxoexhibition. exhibitions. fluxo.

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